V4 Creations

We are sorry, currently our website is on development.

Hello every one, V4 Creations is brand new Indian company.The company now mainly concentrating on mobile app development. We are always with open source. So our project source code will be available in github as soon as possible.

We are getting supports from :

  1. Matrix Inc.
  2. Tech Kochi
  3. VTU LiFe
  4. Visiteor Id

We released our first app on android paly store. Download it and give us some reviews.

Fingerprint Magic V.2.5.0

Fingerprint Magic is a free app which can tell your name by scanning your fingerprint.
As mentioned in the name, you will be showing a 'magic' with the help of this app. Download the app to know the secret and be the first 'ANDRIOD MAGICIAN' among. your friends.
Its a project under V4 Creations AppFram (V4 AppFarm).
We expect your feedbacks. And don't hesitate to report bugs.
Soon its source code will be available at github. Fingerprint Magic Help